5 Things to do on a rainy day

rainy day events in Scotland

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Looking outside on a grey damp day wondering what to do? We have compiled a list of ideas to get you out and about when the weather is rubbish.

1. Visit your local museum. Scotland has lots of free and paid for exhibitions on a wide variety of subjects. For example the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Click here for a list of museum Exhibitions in Scotland.

2. Go to your local swimming pool, Gym or indoor sports centre. What better way to beat a rainy day than to get soaked at your local pool. Many pools and sports centres also hold events and activities for example Mclaren Leisure in Callander. For something Truly unique and adventurous try Ozone Action Sports in Midlothian for the best range of indoor activities. For more events click here

3. Visit some local attractions like one of Scotland's many  stately homes. For example Scone Palace in Perthshire, take the chance to explore the inside of some of these magnificent homes. For more events click here. You could also visit a Local Indoor Play Centre - for example East Links Family Park, click here to view events.

4. Go to a local art Gallery. Most galleries have a permanent free exhibition and is a great way to learn something about art in your local community. Click here for Exhibitions.

5. Have a browse though our website, our  events are added for FREE! Anyone can add events, this gives us a unique mixture of local and national events. Click here for a browse you never know what you could find (you can filter your search to your area).

WAIT!! Do you have something to do on a rainy day? Tell us by adding your event FREE!! click here.

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