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Britannia Spice is a critically-acclaimed restaurant with multi-ethnic cuisine including Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepali and Thai dishes. The restaurant is often referred to as the 'Best Indian Restaurant in Edinburgh!'

What's On have an exclusive offer with Britannia Spice for our readers. Available until the end of September 2013*. 

To take full advantage of this offer please print this page (If you are having trouble printing see our guide at the bottom of the page) and take it in to Britannia Spice with you. If you are pre booking please mention the offer when booking.

A bit more about Britannia Spice

Founded by Dr Wali Uddin and Ranil Saparamadu as the new millennium dawned, Britannia Spice has won widespread praise for its exotic multi-ethnic cuisine and stylish atmosphere. Its wide ranging menus offer diners a choice of Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepali and Thai cuisine, all freshly and expertly prepared.

The restaurant was converted from a whisky bond at the entrance to the former Leith docks, at the heart of the multi-million pound redevelopment of the previously derelict dock area. The Royal Yacht Britannia is berthed within sight of the premises.


*Please print this page, offer available until September 30th 2013

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