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North Berwick Highland Games 2013

Highland Games 2013 Happening 10th Aug 2013 in North Berwick

About North Berwick Highland Games 2013

North Berwick Highland Games was initially a community group or ‘Association’ that came together to organise and put on a competition for the benefit of the local North Berwick Community. Since the first Games, it has continued to develop and is now recognised as a “national event” by Event Scotland and by the local tourist organisation. The Games takes place on either the first or second Saturday each August – its dependent on the number of Saturday’s in that month – if 4 we’re on the first, if 5, we’re on the second.

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Highland Games and Gatherings / Highland Games
10th Aug 2013
North Berwick Highland Games 2013

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Recreation Park
Recreation Park
North Berwick
EH39 4DG
Phone: 01620 893454

By Paul Finch (231050)


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