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Stockfest 2012

Edinburgh Festivals 2012 Happening 15th Sep 2012 until 22nd Sep 2012 in Edinburgh Stockbridge

About Stockfest 2012

You may have heard rumours about a week long festival in Stockbridge - well here is the latest update! After a positive meeting with local traders and residents it was agreed to try and organise the festival to run from September 15th - 22nd, 2012. To make this work, and for the event to be a success, we need more people to get involved. To date we have had various ideas put forward for events including fashion shows, tea dances, open house art exhibitions, local exhibitions in shops, wine tasting, guided tours around the historical sites of Stockbridge and Inverleith, exhibitions in the library and a Community Ceilidh to kick off the festival on the 15th. However this is just the start and we are looking for more people to come forward with event ideas that they can organise during the festival week. This as a key opportunity for people to advertise and promote their business, activity, group, school, music and theatre group etc. within Stockbridge and the wider Edinburgh community. The Stockfest organising committee can provide support and guidance re possibilities but are not in a position to actually organise these, except the launch event – the Community Ceilidh.

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15th Sep 2012 until 22nd Sep 2012

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