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On April 26, 1315, the first Parliament of Scotland was held in Ayr by Robert The Bruce at St.John's Tower by the sea. It was once known as 'Inverair/Inverayr' and this usage is still retained in the Scottish Gaelic form of the name Inbhir Air. Later, during Cromwellian times, the town was used as a base and fortress for some of his men. Cromwell built a huge wall around certain areas of the town, most of which can still be seen today. St John's Tower was originally part of a massive church, but the church was knocked down, and the tower used to practise on; it is now protected by the "Friends Of Saint Johns Tower" (FROST) residents of the nearby "Fort Area". (Improve this description or add photos)

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Jan 2017
Dec 2017
8th Jan 2017 until 31st Dec 2017 9.30am-4pm
Ayr market and car boot is a very popular market, not only with the local community but for those thousands of visitors who flock to the Racecourse. Spook Erection first operated the market in 1997 an... read more
Oct 2017
25th Oct 2017 7.30pm to 9.30pm
You may think, if you’ve heard a song or two, that you know what Charlie Landsborough is all about. You may even have him down as only a Country artist (he has won every UK Country Music Award goi... read more
Dec 2017
3rd Dec 2017 4.15pm to 5pm
Ayrshire Symphony Orchestra Christmas Concert for young children featuring music from Polar Express. Have fun listening to the sounds of the different sections of the Orchestra. Sleigh bells provided ... read more
Dec 2017
4th Dec 2017 7.30pm
Festive programme includes music from Polar Express, Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, Swedish Rhapsody by Alfven, Trevelyan Suite by Nigel don, and an entertaining version of The Typewriter featuring Jean... read more
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