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The modern district of Bruntsfield lies east of Bruntsfield Links park and golf links, beyond which lies the district of Marchmont; Merchiston is to the west and Tollcross to the north. To the south and east lies the former estate of Greenhill, and to the south Morningside. Bruntsfield is full of quirky and interesting shops like 'Art Clay Scotland' and has a great variety of restaurants, pubs and bars to suit any tastes and budgets . If you like architecture Bruntsfield has some of the best examples of classic Edinburgh tenement buildings most of which house Bruntsfields various shops and pubs on their ground floor. Bruntsfield has many beautiful churches built in various styles and sizes, on the border between Bruntsfield and Morningside is Holy Corner. Holy Corner gets its name due to the amount of churches on the one corner. (Improve this description or add photos)

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