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Stockbridge is an area of Edinburgh, located towards the north of the city, bounded by the New Town. The name is Scots stock brig from Anglic stocc brycg, meaning a timber bridge. Originally a small outlying village, it was incorporated into the City of Edinburgh in the 19th century. The current "Stock Bridge", a stone structure, was built in 1801 and spans the Water of Leith. Raeburn Place is the main retail thoroughfare, and was the location of the first international rugby match when the Edinburgh Academy sports ground hosted the game between England and Scotland on 27 March 1871. Today Stockbridge is full of retail shops both modern and traditional. Traditional shops include a cheese monger and Game butcher, modern shops like Bliss sell a whole range of unique and desirable items and gifts. Stockbridge also has many fantastic restaurants, bars and traditional pubs. It is also home to many of Edinburgh's best charity shops. All these features combined make it one of the best places to spend an afternoon or evening. (Improve this description or add photos)

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